Word of God Christian Podcast

You’ve probably heard of the Word of God Christian podcast, whether you want to hear John MacArthur’s sermons or a sermon from Rita Madden or Tabitha Bigbee. But do you know who else is on this podcast? Here are some great Christian podcasts with inspirational speakers you’ll love. You might also be surprised at the variety and quality of topics covered. So let’s take a look.

Word of GodJohn MacArthur sermons on Word of God Christian podcast

One of the most influential preachers of the twentieth century, John MacArthur, has preached from the Bible for over 40 years. He is devoted to rightly dividing the Bible and has authored numerous books and studies. He served as pastor of the Grace Community Church in California for many years, developed a seminary, and trained missionaries to take the Gospel to the nations. However, recent events have cast doubt on his integrity and commitment to the Gospel.

MacArthur’s preaching has sparked controversy, particularly in the charismatic movement. His antipathy towards charismatic theology stems from his fundamentalist background. He attended Bob Jones University and later defended his theology and convictions. But despite his antipathy toward charismatic theology, the Church has been divided by rumours and slander. Thankfully, the Word of God Christian podcast has a long history of defending the faith and preserving its purity.

Priscilla Shirer

If you have been looking for an inspirational speaker or author to join you in your daily Bible study, look no further than Priscilla Shirer’s podcast, available for free on the Internet. She is a mother, wife, and Christian evangelist. Priscilla founded the Going Beyond Ministries among her many accomplishments with her husband, Jerry. In addition, she has written a dozen books and bible studies.

Priscilla’s Christian podcast features the teachings of renowned authors, pastors, and church leaders who have impacted the lives of millions of Christians. Her philosophy is based on anecdotal evidence and tangible experiences. But millions of believers have studied God’s word for thousands of years and grown in their faith. The Bible says that a Christian can grow to spiritual maturity no matter their background.

Rita Madden

The Word of God Christian podcast, which features guest Rita Madden, is aimed at Orthodox Christians and those who are not. Her focus is on spiritually-minded health care. In her podcasts, she discusses how to handle medical conditions by following the wisdom of the Holy Orthodox Church. Listeners will also learn about Rita Madden’s philosophy on sacrificial living and eating healthy.

Other Christian podcasts you might be interested in include sermons, devotionals, and adulting how-tos. They also cover topics ranging from pop culture to current events in the Church. The hosts bring humour to the conversation and provide several practical insights. Many podcasts are available in both audio and video formats, so you should choose one that is most appropriate for your needs. This one is particularly good for Christian moms who want to stay grounded and informed.

Tabitha Bigbee

The “Word of God Christian podcast” is a ministry by the author and speaker Tabitha Bigbee. She has helped countless Christian women find their faith and make it a daily practice in their lives. Through her podcast, she shares her journey of faith with women worldwide. Listen in as she discusses how her faith has helped her overcome obstacles. She also encourages women to follow their dreams and “live out their faith.”

This podcast is a great resource for women looking to grow spiritually. Host Sarah Targgart is candid and relatable in sharing the story of her struggle with infertility. Whether you’re looking for encouragement or practical advice, you’ll find it here. Bigbee has a unique way of expressing the Gospel engagingly. Listen to her episodes to learn more about faith, Christian living, and biblical wisdom.

Every Day Faith

Everyday Faith on Word of God Christian podcast is a wonderful resource for those searching for answers to their daily questions. It features testimonies from diverse people, including former homicide detective J. Warner Wallace. These stories provide insight into how other people came to faith and how God has been present in their lives. Listeners will also learn about the Bible and its say about today’s issues.