Tips For Buying Men’s Shoes

Whether you’re looking for a pair of athletic sneakers for running or the latest in cutting-edge performance running shoes, there’s a pair of mens shoes. Or look for the iconic styles worn by fashion and streetwear influencers worldwide. There’s a style out there for every occasion. So finding the perfect pair for you should be easy, with a vast range of styles. Here are some tips for making your shoe buying experience a breeze:

mens shoesStyles of men’s shoes

While men’s shoes first became fashionable in the nineteenth century, there were several styles. Ankle boots, Brogues, and Balmoral were some of the most common styles of men’s shoes. As time progressed, mass production made men’s shoes more affordable. In addition, shoemakers were soon replaced by retailers. As a result, the market is filled with designer men’s shoes, ranging from casual to upscale.

Oxfords: This classic style of men’s shoes has survived time and has become an important part of formal footwear. Oh Hi mens shoes: These shoes have a vintage appeal and get better with age, while canvas slip-ons are a summertime essential. Although some styles are pricey, inexpensive options can still be found on the streets. Men’s footwear has a long and varied history, and choosing the right pair is crucial to your overall style.

Apron-styled shoes: Similar to the wingtip style, the bicycle-toe style features a separate piece of leather that wraps around the sides of the shoe but excludes the front portion of the toe box. The vamp of this style extends from the top of the shoe to the tip of the toe box, creating a continuous line. The apron style is found on loafers, oxfords, and boots.


There are some very popular brands of men’s footwear available on the market today. Founded in 1985, Bexley is a highly regarded brand of men’s footwear. Its products feature top-quality leathers and linings. Its product range includes both designer and classic RTW footwear. The company also manufactures Blake shoes. Another brand that is regarded as a luxury brand is Bettanin & Venturi. The company was founded in 1856 and had a rich history. Today, they produce quality, well-crafted welted shoes regarded as the finest in the world.

Another brand of men’s footwear is Ammann. This Italian company offers both ready-to-wear and custom-made footwear. Its casual line of footwear is aimed at men who are more casual than formal. It also has a variety of high-end designer brands that make men’s shoes with a high level of craftsmanship. The company produces its shoes in Italy and Switzerland. These are some of the most popular brands of men’s shoes.


Men’s shoe sizes are not always as easy to identify as women’s. Many brands do not include their width on the shoe labels. Soft shoes fit narrow and medium feet. On the other hand, hard shoes, such as roller skates and ski boots, usually have a width indicated. English and American shoemakers usually mark their width on the last by using the letters A to F. A narrow last is one size smaller than an average shoe. In contrast, an oversized last is a size larger than average.

The average shoe size for men in the UK is nine, up from eight a few years ago. This rise in shoe size is partly due to the rise in obesity and hormones in our food. We can also expect bigger hands and feet. In some cases, men need smaller shoes. When in doubt, consult a shoe fitter. The average shoe size for men falls somewhere between 42 and 43 in the US and Europe.


The average price of mens sneakers is higher than that of women’s sneakers. It goes against the conventional perception that women value shoes more. But it means that the average shopper will pay a little more for sneakers when he’s a man. If you’re in the market for new sneakers, consider working with Priceonomics to build a story. For example, you can have your company create a commercial that shows a man brags about spending $1,500 on a new pair of sneakers.