Finding the Right SpendLess NZ Mens Shoes – A Comprehensive Guide

For men, there are only two rules that will make them happy in life: Always invest in a good bed and good shoes; because if you’re not, you’re in the other. Buying shoes may look simple to most men, but it’s quite tedious once you come to realize the importance of having quality shoes. If you’re looking to learn how to buy the best quality SpendLess NZ mens shoes, this article is for you. Continue reading and explore our guide to help you find the perfect pair of shoes.


Parts and Construction

Here are the components and constructions that make up an entire shoe:


  • Upper – the material that comes over the foot.
  • Lining – the inside part of the upper portion of the shoe; often the same material as the upper.
  • Welt – a single strip of material stitched between the upper and sole.
  • Insole – the part that meets the bottom of your foot.
  • Midsole – the section between the insole and outsole.
  • Outsole – the bottom part of your shoe.



Types of Construction

Now that you know each part that makes up a shoe, it’s time to get familiar with the different types of shoe construction.


Goodyear Welt

This is a traditional method that comprises stitching an extra strip of leather called the welt – between the upper and insole.


  • Pros:

○ Strong and durable

○ Water-resistant

○ Built to last

○ Easy to resole

○ Common in dress shoes and work boots

○ Can be stiff and less flexible, which means it takes longer to wear out.


  • Cons:

○ Usually more expensive


Can be rigid and less flexible, so take longer to wear in.



The simplest and cheapest method where the upper is shaped then glued to the outsole.


  • Pros:

○ Commonly used to trainers, rubber-soled shoes, and chukka boots.

○ Soft and light

○ Cost-effective option


  • Cons:

○ Can’t be resoled



A classic method where the bottom edge of the upper is stitched to the sole and folded outward.


  • Pros:

○ Commonly used for desert boots

○ Dirt and water-resistant

○ Easy to repair


  • Cons:

○ Can be quite stiff, to begin with


Types of Sole

It’s also crucial to consider the kind of sole to look for in SpendLess NZ mens shoes:


  • Rubber

○ It is a strong and sturdy option that provides extra grip. Ideal for a more laid-back and casual look.


  • Leather

○ A smooth, sleek, and neat sole that’s commonly used in dress shoes. Single leather soles don’t grip well; avoid using this type of sole during rainy weather.


  • Dainite

○ The Dainite is a British-made rubber sole first produced in 1910. It offers excellent grip and can easily be wiped clean as there are no grooves to hold dirt.


By knowing these factors, you will be able to find the ideal SpendLess NZ mens shoes for you. Subscribe to our newsletter to get more updates, buying tips, and news on the latest trends in men’s shoes.