Questions When Filing a Separation Agreement

Separation Lawyers DarwinWhen a marriage becomes a mess, usually resulting from a spouse who is not happy with the other partner’s plans or choices, separation lawyers Darwin can help you get everything settled. But if you’re thinking about using one of their services, there are some critical questions to ask first. After all, any successful lawyer will tell you that the best-case scenario is to have an amicable separation. The information below will address the most common questions couples will face when filing for a separation agreement.

  1. First, let’s discuss how separation lawyers Darwin might be able to help you. They provide legal counsel to those wishing to separate from their marital partner. These professionals will meet with the person who is the subject of the divorce action to reach an agreement regarding the terms of the separation. These experts may also consult with the opposing spouse to determine what can be done to amend the existing contract. In many cases, the spouses may decide to end their marriage and start over with someone else, but this requires a lot of research into each spouse’s preferences.
  2. What is involved in the process? Typically, your spouse will be asked to file a petition for separation of marriage, followed by a motion for a hearing on the matter. At that point, the court will issue an order for alimony and child support (if applicable). Once a judge has issued an order regarding these two factors, your spouse must comply with it.
  3. If you’re asking how much alimony or child support will be paid, the answer is simple: it will depend on several factors. One factor is the length of your marriage. If you were married for only a few years, your spouse’s income would be less. Therefore, it will be easier for them to get out of the marriage with a smaller alimony or child support payment. However, even a long marriage can lead to significant financial difficulties for the recipient spouse, so you should consider your situation before deciding on any separation agreement.
  4. Another factor that will impact alimony payments is your age. Generally speaking, the younger you are when you get married, the less income you’ll receive. Therefore, it may be more practical for you to apply for a new legal separation. Consult separation lawyers Darwin, this way, you will have a fresh start with no assets or income and immediately begin receiving alimony payments.

Unfortunately, some couples get married without getting separation agreements or divorce documents filed. In those cases, the courts tend to allow the marriage to continue after the separation period is completed, at least until the relationship’s dissolution is finalised. The duration of separation can run from a few months to many years, depending on several factors, including each spouse’s earning potential and debts. In some cases, the courts may even approve of a pre-nuptial agreement to stop couples from filing for divorce at the same time.