What You’re Doing Wrong About SEO

When it comes to effectively establishing an online presence, one of the things you must initially focus on is search engine optimisation. It will bring about a positive reputation for your brand online. Embracing a proven and tested SEO campaign strategy is the only way of putting your business website on top of search engine results pages. Once you successfully get a high rank on Google, it means you’re doing things right. But what if you’ve been doing many things already, and they’re not producing the results you want? Well, it probably is because you are doing things that do more harm than good in the perspective of SEO.

Many businesses, even those well-established ones, decide to hire the pros like ReadySet SEO Adelaide. Here are some glaring mistakes that could have been avoided:

1 – You changed the URL of your website.

Countless people have committed the mistake of changing the URL of their websites repeatedly, not knowing that it hurts their SEO campaign strategy. Changing the URL regularly is one way of getting penalised by Google. Search engines might even construe it as a duplicate content.

2 – You disabled comments on your content after several days of turning it on.

You must accept the fact that comments give added value to your content. No matter how impressive your article is, the act of disabling comments on your blog post after several days will put a dent to your reputation. If you try to dig deep on the posts of expert bloggers relevant to your niche, you will see that they allow hundreds of comments on their posts. They do it intentionally as there is a reason for it – traffic!

3 – You always change the theme of your website.

Another common SEO mistake many people make is changing the themes of their websites. It happens particularly to those who are newbies in WordPress and similar platforms. Changing your themes repeatedly will result in downranking your website. But if you decide to work with experts such as ReadySet SEO Adelaide, they know how to find a way of changing your themes. And you won’t have to compromise your current rank in Google.

4 – You fail to address the need to have a fast-loading website.

SEO Expertise concept with little blocks and medical stethoscope over pink background

One of the crucial elements in the success of an SEO campaign is building a website that loads in seconds, not minutes. If you have a web design that makes your site load painstakingly low, it can hurt your chances of getting high volumes of traffic. Keep in mind that the industry standard for loading a website is about two seconds. If you do not have that distinct luxury, then it means you are in desperate need of a re-design. Well, you wouldn’t be facing this issue if you allow the professionals to handle it for you.