5 of the Best Types of Retaining Walls Products

Retaining walls are available in a variety of styles, designs, and materials. The variety of materials available goes to show how versatile retaining walls are. However, do you know which material will suit best for your retaining wall? We want you to choose! That’s why we rounded up five of the best types of retaining walls products Adelaide and materials.

Concrete Blocks

Retaining Walls Products AdelaideConcrete blocks are known as the modern and sophisticated material used for retaining walls. Since it’s artificially produced, concrete offers a lot of flexibility and variety for you to choose from. At the same time, despite the common belief that concrete blocks leave a shallow impression, this material plays incredibly well with the Spanish and Italian architecture style. Concrete is also set on a compacted gravel base, enabling it to remain strong even when you      apply pressure to it.

Stone Veneers

Next on the list of the best retaining walls products Adelaide are stone veneers. It’s a protective material that’s used as a decorative covering for vertical walls and other surfaces. It found its way towards retaining walls for its extreme durability and attractive style. A veneer is a purely aesthetic element. However, with the help of a solid core like concrete or stone, it can become a formidable retaining wall that can serve your home well.

Poured Concrete

Another variant of concrete poured cement is a popular option for retaining walls. It’s produced by pouring the concrete directly to form your retaining wall. Since it looks neat and smooth, concrete is one of the ideal materials to use for modern-style retaining walls. However, the downside is that it isn’t as durable as other materials. The ability of the concrete to support the soil will depend on the weather conditions and other elements.


A timeless classic, brick is one of the oldest materials used for retaining walls. Unlike concrete and stone, brick features a warm and inviting look. It’s also among the most durable materials used for making concrete. However, the look can push some building materials only so far. Bricks are also stylish material that can add some aesthetic value to any property.


Finally, we have wood. While it isn’t the most popular retaining walls products Adelaide used for retaining walls, it certainly is a viable option. However, it’s highly situational since it has a lot of downsides. Wood is an excellent material when aesthetics is concerned. It provides your home with a natural, earthy texture that can turn heads. But the downside is that it needs a lot of attention in terms of maintenance.