Outscape Constructions Retaining Walls – Function and Design

Retaining walls, also known as earthworks, is a type of wall structure built to retain earth, soil, gravel, or any other sediment layer. In some cases retaining walls Adelaide can also serve as a type of water wall to regulate the water levels in a lake, river or stream. In most cases, Outscape Constructions retaining walls were made to maintain sediment or groundwater; however, they are also being built for the sole purpose of keeping away erosion due to the movement of the earth.

Retaining Walls AdelaideOutscape Constructions Retaining walls consist of two vertical panels with cross beams and one horizontal panel with cross beams. The panel with cross beams is placed over the soil and is bounded by a frame to support the soil’s weight or the accumulated sediment. These walls are built with an edge on all sides, but the central part is entirely smooth. Retaining walls normally consist of two slopes, each of them approximately one hundred and twenty feet apart. When building retaining walls, there are a few essential considerations to be considered before making this structure:

First of all, the density of the soils should be evaluated. Usually, the density of the soil ranges from two to six kilograms per square meter. There should be plenty of room for the soil’s movement beneath the retaining walls without inducing any stress to the walls. If not proper drainage is provided for the soil, there is a big chance that these walls will collapse in on themselves.

Materials like concrete, clay or rock are used for constructing retaining walls Adelaide. Other materials used for constructing these walls include brick, stone, sheet pile, cement block, stone piers and rebar. A concrete block wall is normally constructed using two parallel slabs of concrete, each stacked one above the other. For constructing this type of wall, concrete is required. For constructing this type of wall, the concrete is arranged in parallel sheets or blocks.

The first step towards constructing this type of wall is to prepare the area to be built. It is usually done by excavating the area with a backhoe. After excavating the area, the next step in constructing these Outscape Constructions retaining walls is to set the concrete. In setting up the concrete, pour the concrete mixture to the depth indicated on the box marked “depth”.