Do You Need a Retaining Wall?

Functionality is not only what a well-constructed retaining wall can offer but beauty as well. You may not notice it, but it is all over Australia. Many homeowners opt to install this type of wall in their property because it is an excellent solution to all landscaping issues without compromising the overall beauty of a property. In fact, it significantly helps in keeping your property look as best as possible.

No doubt, you can’t help thinking about if you need a retaining wall as a property owner. Although the structure may look unassuming, it comes with several benefits and purposes. It is imperative that you learn first everything you can about this structure so that you will understand what you need from it.

The Purpose of a Retaining Wall

As stated earlier, it is imperative that you know first what residential retaining walls – can do to your property before deciding to install it. Retaining walls may come in different applications like:

  1. Prevent or Reduce Flooding

Retaining walls can significantly help in slowing down the flow of heavy rainfalls most especially if your house is located near water or possible flooding areas. Not only that but you can also use them to effectively control where the flow of rainwater goes on your property as well as stopping the risk of damage in the process.

  1. Put an End to Soil Erosion

Erosion will become a severe concern for you in the future most especially if you have a hill on your property. With assistance from water and gravity, a hill will start to erode over time. This problem can be easily given a solution by installing a retaining wall to your yard. It significantly helps in cutting down the angle of a slope and holding the soil back preventing the risk of erosion.

  1. Transforming Space

You can have more usable space within your property as a retaining wall can be installed to flatten the hill parts of your yard. Also, retaining walls can serve as terraces and gardens which help in enhancing the overall appearance of your property.

Signs That You Need a Retaining Wall

  1. Location of your home

You must contemplate installing a retaining wall if your home is at the bottom of a hill or situated in a steep incline.

  1. Your Foundation is at Risk

A retaining wall should be installed if you suspect that the erosion of a hill around your property will significantly affect the foundation of your home. To eliminate any risk on your foundation, don’t hesitate to install a retaining wall in your property.

Therefore, it is smart for you to invest in the construction of residential retaining walls – if you think you suffer from any of those scenarios we mentioned above.