Questions to Ask Before Hiring Fencing contractors

Hiring a fencing company is a critical fence when building or installing a wall. Since your choice of fence contractor will affect the cost, quality and durability of your fence, it is essential to spend a lot of time finding professional fencing contractors Darwin. It sounds easy, but chances of hiring the wrong fencing builders are also high. But how do you it right? Well, you only get an excellent fencing company by asking the right questions to any prospective fencing company. By knowing what to ask and the answers to expect, you will have an easy time finding a fencing company. Below are key questions to ask.

Ask if a deposit is required – When it comes to building work, the budget can go up t thousands of dollars depending on the scope of the project. Therefore, the builder will require a percentage of the total cost to be able to meet the initial costs of starting the project. The same applies when it comes to fencing. But the question is how much does the builder need? In case, the fence builder asks for a deposit, it should not exceed 50%. In fact, professional fencing contractors Darwin will prefer partial payments spread across the construction period. For example, they can ask for 10% at the outset; when they are quarter way into the job, they may ask or another 20%, then certain amounts until the project is over. Avoid any builder asking for over 50% upfront.

Ask about insurance and licenses – Permits and insurance are key when hiring professional services. Therefore, once you come across a prospective fence builder, ask them if they have a license. A license proves that they have legal permission to run a business locally and that they meet the minimum requirements to offer fencing services. With such a fencing expert, you can feel safe knowing you’re in the right hands. Insurance, on the other hand, will cater to the unwanted expenses for example in case of property damage and injuries. With such professional fencing contractors Darwin, you are sure of a flawless wall building process.


Ask about warranty – When undertaking any building project, it is vital to get a guarantee that you’re getting value for your money. Some fencing projects are costly, and the only way to be sure the builder is doing it the right way is to get a written warranty. The warranty period should not be less than ten years depending on the materials and design being used. Professional fencing contractors Darwin will offer a guarantee of up to 15 years. In case anything goes wrong within the warranted period, the fencing contractors will take care of that for free.