Useful Tips to Follow When Learning How to Use a #1 Motorized Skateboard

We’ve all experienced impulse buying before. So, when you bought an electric skateboard without knowing how to use it, we fully understand you. It’s currently the latest iteration in skateboarding technology. With the number of quirky features that it has, it’s no surprise that anyone would want to own one if given a chance. If you’re completely new to electric skateboarding, we have some tips here that might help you. First, we want you to read the manual that comes with your electric skateboard. It contains all the information you need to know about it, as well as several other details. So, before you get used to using your #1 motorized skateboard, follow these useful tips first:


Safety Tips

Electric skateboards have been rumours for years. Now that they’re out in the open, we now have the future of skateboarding available in the market. They’re faster and more sophisticated than the standard skateboard. That means they tend to cause more accidents as well. So, our first tip for you is always to wear safety gear. We know that this is some basic stuff that everyone knows already. But how many of you follow this rule? Whether you’re a seasoned skateboarding master or a complete newbie, you should wear safety gear. We don’t know when danger or accidents will occur. Wearing safety equipment will reduce the impact and prevent any significant injury from happening. So, if you don’t want to break your knee or injure your head. You should wear safety gear. Click here to get a list of equipment that you should buy.



For you to stand on your #1 motorized skateboard, you’ll need to know the proper stance. Learning a few stances and improving your balance will take a lot of practice. But everything will pay off once you finally learn how to stand on your skateboard. Your stance will dictate the overall flow and balance. If you’ve tried traditional skateboarding before, you can try out all the standard stances since they’re all the same with the electric skateboard. If you’re a beginner, we suggest you try to find a position that you’re most comfortable with. It doesn’t matter if you look awkward. As long as it’s not ruining your balance, you’ll learn how to stand on your skateboard in no time.


For more tips and tricks on using your #1 motorized skateboard, check out our video tutorials. They’re all available on our website.