Some Common Electrical Products and Where to Buy Them

We are in the 21st century which is the age of technological inventions and revolutions. Technology is encompassing our planet at a rapid rate. All the appliances and gadgets made by man requires electricity. We have become very reliant on power that we cannot imagine our life without it. Electric energy has become an indispensable requirement, and so has the electrical products that support the use of electricity. The electrical products that are available today range from the most basic to advanced electrical devices.

Electrical products and accessories are required for wiring, monitoring, powering, hazard protection, and other purposes that involve electricity. All these electrical products, whether they perform a complex or simple function, are important in their place as without them, working with electric power will be a problem. Some of this products are mentioned below.

Cable – It is the basic and the most important electric accessory. It can be defined as a set of wires made of copper or aluminium that is covered in insulation or sheath, used to transfer electrical current from one point to another. Some cables also consist of optical fibres that are used do internet connectivity purposes.

Switchgear – this is a sophisticated device. It is a distribution device used for converting the incoming current into various smaller circuits. They are also used as circuit breakers to provide overload protection. The types of switchgear vary according to several parameters like the mounting style, number of panels, and other miscellaneous technical specifications.

Switch – This is a simple yet very fundamental electrical device. The basic function of a switch is to change the course of an electric circuit. The switches are of different types like the general and power switches. The various switches are meant to serve specific functions.

Socket – This is an electrical device that allows us to connect electrical appliances to the source of power. The pins of the plug of the electronic machine are inserted into the slots of the socket, from where they receive the required current.

Cord – It is a flexible insulated cable which has a plug on both or one side. Its basic function is to connect electrical equipment with the power source. Cords are of different types such as extension cords, DC power cords, and AC power cords.

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