The Two Best Brands for Large Size Womens Shoes Only At Spend Less

The obsessions for shoes have reached a new level, and women are among the mix of people who are tirelessly working to complete their shoe collections. Nowadays, women are treating their shoes just like how they treat their jewellery. There are different kinds of women’s shoes available out there, which is the reason why many girls are on the hunt to get the best that not only looks great but fits perfectly with their feet size.

For women who have large-sized feet, it’s essential that you know the best brands to buy when it comes to large size womens shoes. Fortunately, all of these brands can be found at Spend Less. In this article, we’re going to go over the top two brands that you need to pay attention to when buying large-sized shoes for women.


When it comes to the brand that manufactures the trendiest shoes here in Australia, Wildfire takes the bag as the most innovative company. Like its namesake, the popularity of Wildfire has spread – pretty much – like wildfire. The catch is that it’s showing no signs of stopping. With several world-class women’s shoes such as the Kyra espadrille wedge, Wildfire continues to impress and provide different shoes that have the potential of being great.

The Kyra, for example, is among the latest trends in women’s footwear. It has a great design that promotes quality, aesthetics, and comfort. So whether you’re looking to attract a bunch of people, or feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. Wildfire is the ideal brand that can bring all of that in one footwear.


Are you looking for carefree and effortless comfort in your feet, then Obsessed is the brand that you should seek. Obsessed offer shoes that bursts with style and elegance, all while providing the most comfortable experience that you will ever get from a shoe. Their signature shoes Layla and Pointer are both outstanding shoes that serve various purposes.

However, they all deliver the same amount of convenience and comfortability that’s familiar to someone who has worn any shoe from Obsessed. With their elegant designs made from the highest quality materials, the Obsessed shoe line has the potential to grow and develop into even more serious contenders for the best shoe brand for large size womens shoes.

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