How to Write a Contract for Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning services are an effective way to keep your office space looking spotless. They pick up trash and debris from your office space and dispose of them in appropriate receptacles. Their thorough cleaning ensures that every inch of your office space is free from dirt and debris. In addition, the cleaning crew will ensure that all furniture, appliances, light fixtures, desks, chairs, windows, and more are sparkling and sanitary. All of this leaves your office space looking immaculate and ready for business.

CFMFacilities office cleaning DandenongLegal contract

A legal contract for office cleaning should state what is expected from the cleaning company and how the payment will be handled. It can be done either on a weekly or hourly basis. It should also specify what equipment is needed to accomplish the task and when payment will be made. The date of signing the contract is also essential as it may determine the effective date of the contract. Therefore, both parties should sign and date the contract. They should also ensure that all the contract information is in writing before the cleaning begins.

A legal contract for CFMFacilities office cleaning Dandenong services should include the following information: name and contact information for both parties, the date and duration of the agreement, and a description of the services to be performed. The contract should also detail what each party will be responsible for in the agreement. It should also state whether the client is required to provide equipment or supplies for the cleaning and the terms of termination. The document should also include the signatures of the client and the cleaning service provider.


Purchasing workers’ compensation insurance is vital if your company provides office cleaning services. This policy will cover medical costs for injured employees working for your company. In addition, you will need insurance for any injuries that may occur on the job site. While this may seem like a daunting task, your business needs to have insurance so that you can protect your clients and yourself. Here are some tips to consider when purchasing workers’ compensation insurance.

The cost of business insurance varies significantly depending on the size of your company. For example, for a small cleaning company with fewer than five employees, getting a BOP may be more affordable than purchasing separate policies for commercial property and general liability. BOP premiums typically range from $1,500 to $3,800 per year, although this can increase depending on the services you provide and the corresponding risks. You may also consider hiring an insurance broker to help you with the process.

Contract length

CFMFacilities office cleaning Dandenong contract should state the frequency of cleaning. For example, if the contract is for weekly or bi-weekly cleanings, you can state that the service will be performed on the same or alternate days. Similarly, if you contract with a janitorial service, the contract should indicate how often the service will be performed. The contract should also state how long the cleaning service will be provided. Then, you can ask for a discount for additional cleanings.

In the end, the contract length is up to the client, but it’s best to go for a longer one. By including terms that allow both parties to understand the amount of work and the time involved, you’ll have a better chance of winning the contract. It is crucial if you provide high-quality services. While negotiating a contract length, it’s essential to remember that the more time you spend at each location, the more chances you have of getting a repeat client.


The cost of office cleaning services varies depending on the number of square feet cleaned and the number of hours the cleaning company is required to complete a given task. Typical cleaning service in Dandenong charges between ten cents and fifty cents per square foot, and the price will range anywhere from eight hundred to two thousand dollars per month. The cost will be higher if the cleaning company needs to perform more labour-intensive work, such as scrubbing floors and kitchens. You can consult a cleaning service’s rate chart for an idea of the cost of cleaning.