Finding the Right Value of a Home Using Building Inspection

At the time you purchase a house, it is critical to get the building inspection Highett done to know the problems that exist in the home. You can then ask the seller to correct these problems before you purchase the home and in addition to it, you can also compel the seller to lower the price because of the defects house has.

Below are some of the factors which are necessary for proper value of any home and will assist you in making the huge decision of whether or not to buy the house.

Factors affecting valuation of house

* Discoloration of walls/ceilings

In case it is seen that walls and ceilings are completely discoloured then you will know that the house has water damage or mould problem. There could be several reasons for water damage in the home. It could be the result of broken pipes, improperly installed window flashing or leaking roofs. Similarly, there will be mould problems in case moisture levels are high, and exposure to mould can result in various health concerns as well as cause severe structural damages to the house.

* Damaged hardwood flooring

If there is wood flooring in the house, then look closely to see if you find the trail like lines on the floor. Such lines would mean termite problem and if wooden beams have been used in the basement then check if they are also damaged.

* Dampness in basement

A home inspection will reveal if moisture exists in the basement. Basement could have such dampness because of water seepage during rainstorms and could result in the growth of mould in the basement.

* Problems in Windows

Another of the checks will include checking if air comes through even when windows are closed. You may have to spend a lot of money to repair such windows if you do not trace such problem before purchasing the house.

* Test for radon gas

The house may have radon gas problem, and it is recognised as one of the primary reasons for lungs cancer thus it is quite important to correct the problem.

* Fire safety

It is also important to inspect whether all fire safety regulations are implemented and is another vital part of the home inspection.

* Inspection of electrical connections

The inspector will also check if power connections are working properly, no risks of short circuits and all regulations are followed. If any discrepancies are found then, it may affect the valuation of the house.

Final verdict

A building inspection Highett is necessary to know the problems which exist in a house and help in a correct valuation of the home. You, therefore, need to hire the best home inspectors to ensure that the process goes smoothly.