Entertainment Rig Services – 3 Things That You Should Know

Are you planning an upcoming event? If so, there will be a time when your organiser will ask if you’re planning to get entertainment rig services. Some events require the need for hanging items such as simple banners to more sophisticated setups for production. If your event requires attaching different things above air for production purposes, then your organiser will likely suggest hiring entertainment rigging services. So what do you need to know before calling for entertainment rig services? Here are three essential things to consider:


  1. Know What Entertainment Rig Services Is


The method of rigging is synonymous to “hanging” materials or equipment overhead as part of the entire production setup. This process is handled by professional riggers who are experts at rigging anything you can imagine. Of course, they need an approved rigging plan before carrying out the task. Rigging-wise, you can hang up anything during an event. Here are some of the commonly rigged equipment and materials during an event:


Aerial Entertainers


  • Decor (e.g., drapes, light balloons, chandelier, etc.)
  • Audiovisual production (e.g., projectors, screens, lights, and speakers)
  • Banners & signages: promotion, sponsorship, branding and wayfinding.
  • Electrical cables




  1. Know When to Hire Entertainment Rig Services


Rigging will come into play depending on the scale of your event. If your organising a small concert-for-a-cause that uses a mini theatre, then rigging may not be required. However, if you’re hosting a more important concert with more severe production, then more than likely, you will need entertainment rigging services. The most apparent reason why you should acquire rigging services is to add some more functional space to your stage. In other words, rigging can potentially maximise the space and capacity of your stage, allowing entertainers to move freely without the fear of bumping into light posts or tripping onto wires on the stage.


  1. Know the Cost of Rigging


Truthfully, we are not aware of the exact cost of an entertainment rigging service since it will depend entirely on the equipment. It also depends on the company that you hire. However, rest assured that while it does cost a considerable amount, it’s also worth the investment since your event will be more organised and fluid. However, before you commit to entertainment rig services, you should first determine your budget and work your way from there.



Hire Entertainment Rig Services Today!


Rigging is exceptionally advantageous when done the right way. It gives you the chance to maximise your stage and take advantage of the space provided for your upcoming event. If your event is big enough to call for entertainment rig services, then take that opportunity and let it make a massive difference to your event.