What a Dentist Will Do during the First Visit

Brushing is critical to your oral health, but so are regular visits to see one of your local dentists. These professionals are trained to recognise conditions, diseases, and problems that you won’t be able to see until they have already significantly affected your oral health.

In addition, he or she will be able to remove tartar build up that will inevitably build up on your teeth and recommend additional treatments to keep your smile as healthy and beautiful as possible. It can potentially save you thousands in dental care.

Conditions and Complications

In many cases, a problem can go for years undetected until the symptoms begin to appear. Decay beneath dental treatments, root cavities, and the deterioration of existing treatments are one of the most common. Impacted wisdom teeth, decay under your gums, and finally cracked teeth are hard to find, but they can cause a significant amount of trouble if dentists do not have the opportunity to catch them early on.

These experts are also able to detect serious problems, such as cancer or gum disease, by finding periodontal pockets or other markings inside of your mouth. They may also spot problems that could be causing some of the headaches or other general health problems you have been experiencing.

Make Teeth Spic and Span

It matters not how perfect you are when it comes to flossing and brushing: your teeth need to have regular professional cleanings. It takes time, but the benefits make it necessary for your overall health. One of the biggest benefits is that it prevents gum disease that can be devastating if left unchecked.

Professional cleanings remove the hardened deposits of tartar that make teeth appear discoloured and lead to diseases and conditions. Lastly, this process gives teeth a smooth and polished look to help them shed plaque more quickly. In addition to a cleaning, you might also receive a fluoride treatment. It helps repair and prevent tooth decay by acting as an invisible barrier on your teeth.

History and examination

One of the first things dentists ask their patients is the medical and dental history. What you have had problems with in the past and what you currently suffer from can make a significant difference on what your oral care professional looks for. If you have a tendency to suffer from sensitivity, you care provider may be more diligent in watching that condition and the causes of it.

The examination often includes a set of x-rays. It helps dentists to find cavities, teeth trapped below the surface, problem roots and infections, and cracked teeth. Also, they will be able to notice problems with the jawbones, such as deterioration or teeth that don’t stay in place correctly.

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