Be Familiar with These Data Loggers Before You Buy One

Most people who are about to purchase a data logger for the first time do not realise that there are a handful of options for them to choose. Unfamiliarity usually means failing to buy the right one. So, before you go out there and buy a data logger from Instrument Choice, you first must put in the effort to understand the options available to you.

For starters, data loggers come in three form factors, namely the mechanical variety, electronic, and wireless. You may also encounter Davis instruments data loggers that combine the features of all three. Well, the most sensible approach when you buy a data logger for the first time is to pick one based on what you plan to measure. The device usually measures and logs data that includes humidity, shock, temperatures, and others.

1 – Mechanical

The mechanical data logger is a standalone instrument. It means it won’t require a computer for it to function or work. You collect data from this instrument and then print it directly to the paper in the form of a strip chart. It is convenient to use because you attach the table to the device. You may begin using the data logger by pulling a tab, wherein you can remove the strip chart once you are ready to review the gathered data.

2 – Electronic

The electronic data logger from Instrument Choice is unique in a way that you need a computer to use it. For some, a laptop may be inconvenient, but the benefit you get out of it is that you have a handful of uses for the instrument. In other words, it is more versatile than the mechanical version.

Likewise, the electronic data logger comes equipped with modern programmable features, offering you the versatility you need for measuring different things. You can also toggle the interval readings feature. The electronic data logger allows you to download recorded data to your computer via software or an app.


3 – Wireless

The wireless data logger is by far the most sophisticated variety. It comes equipped with the features you need for maximum convenience in data logging. It comes with remote control mechanism and wireless access. There’s also a sophisticated RFD temperature recording.

The wireless data logger offers a bunch of things you won’t see in the mechanical and electronic models. Aside from being thin and light, you can also bet on the user-friendly features and programmable settings. Since there are no wires, you can access data even in the most inconvenient and inaccessible situations, plus monitoring of real-time conditions is possible. So, if you want maximum sophistication, you may want to consider the wireless variety.