How to Buy an Angle Grinder: The Factors to Consider?

One of the essential power tools that you must have at home is the angle grinder. It is not merely an option if you are someone who does a lot of home improvement and repair projects on your own. The angle grinder is the one you need for the majority of your cutting and polishing tasks.

The good news about buying an angle grinder from Adelaide Tools is that you have a bevy of options to choose from, with one variant having unique features that you may or may not appreciate. If you wish to succeed in the purchase of a power tool like an angle grinder, you must first read our tips below:

Tip 1 – Focus on the size of the disc.

You should know by now that the head or the wheel is the most critical component to consider when you shop for an angle grinder. Most people will refer to it as the size of the disc of the grinder. The rule of thumb is that the more powerful the motor, the bigger the disc must be. Hence, depending on your cutting and grinding work, you must consider a grinder with the right disc size for convenience.

It is equally important to pick the size of the disc-based on the precision of the work you require. A disc with the size of the pneumatic grinder is ideal for grinding jobs that require added precision. Fortunately, grinder discs are available in many sizes.

Tip 2 – Shift your attention to power and speed.

Once you figure out the right disc size, the next step is to focus on the power and speed of the grinder, correctly how the tool rotates. At this point, your focus is revolutions per minute. You may choose a grinder that uses electricity, petrol, or compressed air. You may also opt for a cordless angle grinder if you want something portable and easy to handle.

Angle grinder disks rotate at 5000 to about 10000 revolutions per minute. Be reminded that the higher the number of revolutions, the more effective the grinder becomes, especially in handling challenging projects. There also is the load speed consideration, which typically is between 700 and 12000 revolutions.

Tip 3 – Choose a handle that gives you maximum comfort.

The handle of the grinder is another critical aspect when you’re buying an angle grinder. When working with power tools, it remains vital that you guarantee your safety, and it is only possible if the handle is comfortable enough for you.

Focus on buying an angle grinder from Adelaide Tools that comes with an adjustable handle. It will be easier for you to use both hands while you are grinding and cutting. Even if you use one hand, you may still need to use both hands later.