Benefits of Using Colorbond When Roofing Your Pergola

A lot has changed in the construction industry, and pergolas have not been left behind. Traditionally, a pergola is a structure that does not have a roof. Instead, the structure supports an open roof that comprises or trellises or vines instead of using solid building materials. Experts in the building industry, however, noted that such an arbour becomes useless when it rains or when there are light showers. There are different roofing options available when it comes to building an arbour.


The first roofing option for pergolas is thatching. Thatching is very common in some areas in SA, but we recommend against it. It is because the thatches are highly flammable and so in case of fire, you can only imagine what can happen more so during summer. Also, a thatched roof requires a lot of maintenance as you have to keep on replacing the thatches overtime which will costs you both time and money. The second option is the use of tiles. You can easily use tiles to roof your arbour. However, this option has its disadvantages. First, it means that you have to construct a stable structure that can hold the weight of the tiles. Also, since the roofing tiles are thick, the pergola will lose that airy and light feel that distinguishes a pergola from a gazebo.



The best roofing solution when building your pergola is using colorbond. Colorbond pergolas Melbourne are very common, and there are several reasons behind it. This article will list a few benefits of using Colourbond when roofing your pergola.


First, coloubonds are lightweight. This means that you need not construct a strong pergola structure as the weight is almost negligible. This also says that the pergola will not lose that traditional feel or being airy and with a lot of light.


Another benefit of using colorbond as a roofing solution is that these materials come in different colours. It is a great benefit to any property owner since it means that one can quickly get a colour that matches their needs. With colorbond pergolas Melbourne, it is easy to have an arbour that blends effortlessly with the outdoor environment as well as the existing structures.


Another benefit of using colorbond is that it does not fade, crack or deteriorate over time. It means that with this type if a roof, there are no maintenance costs and therefore suitable for your pockets. For as long as you are using quality Coloubond, you will enjoy these and other benefits.