Floor Polishing – Densifiers, Wet Or Dry?

There are several factors to consider before you choose floor polishing. This article will cover densifiers, which method to use, the cost, and your responsibilities. This article will also help you decide whether to go for a dry or wet process. In addition, you will learn about the different benefits and costs. Finally, we’ll also touch on the responsibilities you should expect after a floor polishing job.


floor polishing AdelaideIf you have recently polished concrete floors, you may wonder about the need for densifiers. These products help the polished concrete retain its sheen. Densifiers are liquid chemicals that penetrate the surface layer of concrete. These products are applied to the concrete to make it harder and more resistant to abrasion. Once applied, densifiers penetrate concrete to harden and polish it. There are several types of densifiers.

These chemicals prevent concrete floors from dusting. While concrete floors naturally produce dust, the densifiers prevent this from happening. The result is a floor that reflects light better. Over time, densifiers reduce the amount of dust and make cleaning easier. In addition, densifiers are compatible with almost all types of concrete stains and integrally coloured concrete. To learn more about densifiers, read on.

Wet or dry method

Wet or dry floor polishing Adelaide? The advantages and disadvantages of both methods of polishing are outlined in this Onfloor article. A professional polisher will usually employ both methods during the initial grinding stage. The dry method is preferable for removing debris from the floor, but wet polishing is easier to clean. However, a dry floor polishing method is necessary for new concrete floors because existing concrete is often coated with a layer of 20 grit or more.

After cleaning the concrete floor with a mop, the floor polishing process begins. The next step is to remove any coatings that have built up on the concrete. Occasionally, cracks and holes must be filled with epoxy or a semi-rigid filler. Regardless of the type of floor, it is necessary to use the proper tooling for the job. If the concrete is sealed, a floor grinder with a finer grit will work best.


If you want your floors to look their best, you might be wondering how to get them polished. Several factors affect the price of floor polishing, including the type of floor and the number of rooms. Here are a few tips to get the best deal:

A floor finisher usually uses a densifier to reinforce the cement and grout. A grit resin abrasive is then applied to the surface. The polisher then applies a further sealer and guard, extending the floor finish. Typical polishing services cost between $25 and $30 per square metre. If you’re considering having your floors polished in Adelaide, you may be interested in learning more about your options.


The job of a floor polisher involves preparing the surface to be polished. The job involves using a polishing machine to remove dust and other debris, sanding the surface using special sandpaper, and cleaning the surface thoroughly. The polisher then applies a sealant or varnish using rollers or brushes. Depending on the type of floor polishing Adelaide project, the polisher may use several coats.

Polishing concrete improves the overall aesthetics of facilities. In addition, removing surface imperfections improves the overall lighting in the building. The increased illumination saves on energy costs and contributes to safety.


A variety of machines are available for floor polishing. The most common of these machines is the drum sander, which has a small cylinder above the drum that allows a belt to be pulled back and forth. Belt sanders work similarly but do not polish the floor close to walls. Another option is a hand-guided edger with a rotating disc that uses the clocking technique to apply a smooth finish to the flooring.

Polishing also helps to repair scratches on the floor. Finally, buffing restores floors’ lustre by repairing the sealant layers underneath. This process also removes thin scratches and prevents watermarks after washing. It is time-consuming, but the results are well worth the effort. With proper maintenance, your floor will look as good as new for years to come. And don’t forget to give it a once-over!

What to Look For in a Gutter Guard

There are many factors to consider when it comes to protecting your gutters. A properly installed gutter guard can prevent clogged gutters and water from entering your home. There are steel and aluminium gutter guards, and they are all great options, but which one should you choose? This article will examine the pros and cons of each type of guard. Then, to make an informed decision, we’ll break down some of the essential features to look for in a gutter guard.


Gutter Guard SAIt might be the perfect time to install a gutters guard if you are tired of cleaning your gutters. Gutter Guard SA helps keep leaves and other debris from clogging your gutter. They perfectly fit into any gutter and come with a 40-year no-clog guarantee. There are several different types of gutter guards. Choosing the right one depends on the kind of gutter and the location of your home. For example, gutters guards may be the best choice for a rain gutter or a flat, pitched roof.

Installing a gutter guard is a relatively simple process. Most gutter guards are inserted into the gutter, but some may require professional installation. Regardless of the type of gutter guard you choose, installation is relatively easy and usually takes less than an afternoon. However, if you live in a home with a large roof or multiple stories, it may require hiring a professional to complete the installation. Also, regardless of how easy it is to install a gutter guard, the process can be dangerous if you are not an experienced DIYer.

Gutters with guards

If you’re wondering if gutters with guards are suitable for your home, you must not forget to consider the benefits of these protective devices. Aside from preventing clogs, they prevent water damage to your home. Clogged gutters are breeding grounds for insects and mould. Additionally, they protect your roof from damage. But why are gutter guards so helpful? Here are a few reasons you should consider using these products for your gutters.

The most significant advantage of gutter guards is that they prevent stagnant water. Standing water can attract mosquitoes and other insects. Plus, they can prevent your gutters from rusting prematurely. As water-soaked debris corrodes metal, gutter guards prevent premature rusting. But installing gutter guards is costly, not to mention they may damage your gutters when ice builds up. So, if you decide to use gutter guards for your home, be sure to read the instructions carefully before installation.

Aluminium gutter guards

When it comes to protecting your gutters, aluminium Gutter Guard SA is probably one of the best options available. While they come with some installation requirements, they can provide you with years of reliable service. However, they are not entirely rustproof and require periodic inspections. While this can be a problem, with regular cleaning, they can still be appropriately maintained. And if you do have any issues, most companies will offer you a warranty.

The installation process is quick and easy with these gutter guards. All you need is a screwdriver and a measuring tape. The guards usually come with everything you need to install them, but you can get them in various sizes if you have more oversized gutters. You can choose from four different colours, but remember that colour is only necessary if you can see your gutters from the ground. If you need to cover up your gutters below, you may want to go with a darker colour.

Steel gutter guards

Stainless steel gutter guard is one of the best types of gutter protection available. They are durable and rustproof. Aside from these advantages, steel gutter guards also protect the entire system, preventing warping. However, steel gutter guards must be securely anchored to the roof or fascia because they are heavier. If you doubt the quality of steel gutter guards, check out the following points before purchasing.