Choosing Brass Knobs For Your Kitchen

Brass knobs and pulls are a timeless accessory that never goes out of style. Even with the popularity of gold, platinum and silver, brass is the material of choice for turning an outdated fixture into a high-end heirloom. Brass knobs and pulls can be made from various materials, including brass, bronze, chrome, and iron. They are also available in many different sizes, shapes and finishes and can be custom ordered.

brass knobsBronze knobs and pulls match most decors perfectly. Adding brass knobs to your cabinets can make a room feel sophisticated and elegant or add a touch of rustic beauty to a kitchen or bathroom. Bronze knobs and pulls contrast well against dark wooden furniture or elevate an otherwise plain white dresser to a high shine of elegance.

Antique brass knobs are an elegant yet inexpensive way to bring an outdated or dilapidated cabinet back to life. An antique brass chain hanging from the centre of a brass knob adds classic charm to a bedroom closet, while an oil-rubbed bronze chain in a walnut or mahogany frame looks terrific hanging from an antique dining room door. An antique brass hanger hanging on a wall looks regal and features bold artwork. Hanging art is a great way to update a room without changing the existing fixtures. Fine paintings or whimsical drawings can be incorporated into a themed room, while bold, intricate images dominate a more traditional design.

Brass knobs and pulls are available in many varieties. A wide range of sizes, shapes and colours are available, allowing homeowners to match their hardware to their decor. For instance, a set of three brass knobs can be purchased to match the bathtub’s colour and the bathroom’s hardware. In contrast, an identical set of three brass knobs might look out of place in a white painted bathroom. The patina of these pieces tends toward a pastel or wood colour, so they work well with other modern designs.

Some people prefer the ornate brass cabinet knobs over the more simple raw metal pulls, often grouped. While the latter can still be used for coordinating a set of coordinating cabinetry, the look can become more cluttered if there are too many knobs to choose from. With an antique brass hardware set, the number of brass cabinet knobs ranges only slightly. Instead of having three or four different brass hardware pulls, you could choose four or five, depending upon the number of antiques in the room.

Antique cabinets featuring unpainted, raw brass hardware look particularly lovely in a vintage-inspired, country theme. Because they have not been stripped of their lustre and shine, they work well with this type of kitchen design. You can add a few of these fixtures to an older antique-style kitchen as well since many of the originals were made of similar material. Just don’t forget to get some matching oil rubbed bronze knobs for that authentic old-world feel.

Modern homeowners might also like the sleek effect of brushed nickel, brush chrome, or brushed bronze cabinet pulls. Since this is not an entirely new style for cabinets, it will be interesting to see how these adapt to the decor of a new kitchen. Remember that the antique brass knobs are not as attractive as the newer raw metal pulls, limiting their use in a modern kitchen.

If you want to install new hardware in your kitchen but are uncertain which kind would look best, you may want to consider antique bronze cabinet pulls. These are not immediately noticeable since it blends in with the decor of your house. Plus, they have been used for centuries and provide a solid, classic appeal. Since they are made of solid brass, they are an excellent choice for a new kitchen.