Should You Switch to Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is the latest trend in the world of lawns, sporting arenas, and commercial landscaping. It is rapidly replacing traditional turf with its excellent benefits. Some of the most notable advantages of artificial grass include:


Artificial Grass Gold Coast from TermiTurf, as it’s more commonly known is an artificial surface made up of synthetic fibres coated with a synthetic silicone impregnated polypropylene base to look very similar to natural grass. However, synthetic fibres have the advantage of being able to imitate the natural appearance of natural grass by growing on top of the soil where it grows. The growth rate and texture are closely similar to natural grass, and thus, it is also easy to maintain. It is also more economical than traditional turf because it is a permanent solution, and hence, there is no maintenance required.

Unlike other types of turf, artificial grass requires little maintenance and does not require mowing. The only time when regular mowing is necessary is when a new lawn is being created. If the lawn is already well developed, then regular mowing of the lawn will not be required.

The downside of this type of turf is that it does require a lot of space, mainly if you use it in areas where there are dense trees and bushes. It means that the entire lawn may need to be mowed. And since it does not require fertilizing, the grass will be green in colour and have a loose texture.

To combat the problems as mentioned earlier, a variety of products are now available in the market that can significantly help you improve your lawn. These products are specifically formulated to provide additional benefits to the lawn while at the same time reducing the effort involved in lawn care.

Artificial turf has many advantages over grass and other natural grasses. One advantage is that it requires less space since it does not require mowing. Also, it can withstand harsh weather conditions better than natural grasses.

Artificial Grass Gold Coast from TermiTurf also requires less maintenance as compared to natural grass because it can last for an extended period. There are no pesticides or fertilizers needed to maintain it.

Synthetic turf does not need mowing since it requires very little maintenance. And since it does not need fertilizers, it also reduces the effort involved in lawn care and maintenance.

Artificial turf can be used in any part of the lawn. You can install it on the walkways, deck or pool decks. It is also very convenient to install since it requires minimal tools, and it can be installed by people who are not very knowledgeable about the installation.

The main disadvantage of artificial turf is its limited amount of space because of its irregular shapes and sizes. Therefore, when you are installing artificial turf, you need to make sure that you have enough space on the lawn before you install it.

Synthetic turf is also more expensive compared to natural grass because it is not as durable and hard-wearing. If you want to purchase a large piece of synthetic turf, you might have to spend extra money on its maintenance.

So before you decide on the material, you should use for your lawn, consider all the options first and then make a final decision based on the best option to use for your lawn.