How Does a TENS Machine Work?

If you are suffering from chronic pain, you may want to consider using a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS). You may have heard about this new pain relief device. It works by sending low-level electrical pulses along the nerve pathways to reduce pain. This type of stimulation is different from pain medications because it doesn’t go down the source of the pain. Instead, it goes to the original, or the site of the pain, and brings the sensation under control. How do TENS work?

TENS-machine-AustraliaTo answer the question above, we need to understand how TENS machine Australia. The body receives two electrodes when you buy a TENS machine. One of the two electrodes has a negative charge, while the other has a positive charge. The electrical current passes through the skin and into the muscles. Thus, two electrodes are referred to as the stimulus source and the pain tolerant zone.

When the person uses a TENS machine Australia, the electrodes are placed on specific body parts, usually on the back, neck, or legs. To get the best results, it’s recommended that a patient only uses the appliance for a short time. It only takes about five to ten minutes a day for the electrical impulses to reach the targeted areas. To make TENS more effective, it’s important to position the patient and the tens machine in a way that allows the electrical current to pass through easily. Patients should also avoid using clothing that could interfere with the electrodes.

Some of the physical benefits of using TENS include better posture, better sleep, and decreased anxiety and depression. The process has also been shown to help people who experience pain, such as headaches, sore muscles, sprains, and muscle tension. While there’s no scientific evidence to support a universal health relief theory, many patients report significant reductions in pain after beginning to use a TENS machine. In addition, some people experience complete pain relief after applying the appliance to the painful area for five to ten minutes. For example, a patient with a significant automobile accident may only need to use the appliance for five minutes and not take pain medication for an entire week.

TENS units differ in size and power. The larger the electrical unit, the more influential the signal that passes from the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit to the skin. Most TENS units are powered by small batteries that must be kept charged and replaced often. Since the strength of the electrical signal depends on the strength of the electrodes, it can take a bit of time before the desired effect is felt.

There are many different types of TENS machines available to provide pain relief. However, you must choose the right appliance depending on your condition. It is also important that you learn how the device works and any limitations before using it. With the proper use of the TENS machine, pain and other bodily ailments can be relieved and improved.