How Do You Choose a Photocopier?

A copier is a machine that plays a crucial role in the office of a business or company, regardless of how small or established. The device is the most efficient way of producing high quality photocopies Geelong of the originals for files, documents, images, and other relevant paperwork. The concept behind an office or business copier is to efficiently mass produce copies of employee documents as well as marketing materials without the need to print them. If you are planning to buy a new copier, there are certain factors you must consider first, the purpose of which is to choose the one that best addresses your needs for the machine.


You cannot start shopping or searching for a photocopier without first figuring out how much you are willing to pay for it. The great news about copiers is that they come in an extensive array of choices, including different makes, models, sizes, features, and of course, price. The more features and the bigger the machine, the pricier it’ll be; but don’t worry since right after determining how much you can afford, you won’t run out of choices. But be reminded that copiers also have maintenance and repair expenses.

Print Volume

The second most important thing to consider when choosing a copier is its print volume. You want to figure out the exact number of sheets you can copy using the machine. You will determine the maximum number of copies you need to produce per minute and then start looking for prospects. Keep in mind that you also want to factor in the quality of the photocopies Geelong in considering the print volume.


After the price and print volume, the third factor to consider in your purchase of a copier is the type of paper or item that it copies and prints. If you choose a basic copier, keep in mind that it might not handle large paper sizes. Determine if your office needs to print large pages, and if you do, then you cannot choose a basic or cheap copier.

Other Features

There also are a lot of specific things you should consider aside from the four factors we talked about, and this includes the prospect of a multi-function printer. Yes, some machines feature more than one function of copying stuff. If your office needs to handle things like copying, printing, faxing, and scanning, then it is a smart choice to pick a machine that can do all that. However, you do have to acknowledge that a multi-function copier and printer will cost more than the one that only features copying paper and documents.

So, once you start shopping for a new copier for business or office use, do not forget to consider all those factors to guarantee that you are getting the best available machine to handle your needs.