How to Properly Use a Disc Sander

When we think about the most intimidating power tool to use, the disc sander immediately pops out of our heads. We believe that disc sanders are incredibly complicated to use and that it’s a tool that takes a little bit of familiarisation to use effectively. The latter is true. The former on the other hand – not so much. On the contrary, a disc sander is a pretty straightforward tool. It’s not as complicated as it appears, so long as you know the proper ways of using it. Disc Sander – can teach you more about how to properly use this equipment. However, for now, here are some important ways that you need to keep in mind:



Always Wear Safety Gear


People tend to focus more on how to use the disc sander that they forget to acknowledge the most important aspect of using this power tool: being safe. When using your disc sander, or any other power tool for that matter, you need to make sure that every part of your body is safe. That’s why before you use a disc sander, it’s essential that you wear your goggles and protective gloves. Always wear them whenever you use your disc sander to make sure that your eyes and hands are safe and secure. The goggles will prevent any dust particles from entering your eyes, while the gloves will keep your hands free from dirt and injuries. Furthermore, you should also wear an apron for added protection. If your hair is too long, try tucking it in using a hair net.


Using the Disc Sander


When using your disc sander, keep your fingers at least four inches away from the disc. When placing the material you want to sand onto the power tool, you need to make sure you do it slowly and carefully. During the sanding process, all you need to do is to slowly and lightly push the material against the rotating disc. Also, move the piece from left to right.


When using your disc sander – recommends that you use the part of the disc that isn’t protected by a guard. Always keep the material moving at all times, as a static movement will cause friction between the disc sander and the work area, causing the wood or any other material to turn black.


At this point, are now ready to use your disc sander without any problem. Congratulations to you. Always keep in mind the tips that you learned from this article. For an advanced guide, visit our official website now!