How to Make a DIY Gutter Guard – Tips and Tricks

One of the reasons why people overlook adding a gutter guard for their gutter systems is that they don’t want to buy it. It’s not that expensive, but people want to use their money on something else instead of a gutter guard that they don’t even get to see. However, gutter guards are essential, and you will need its service sooner or later. If you seriously don’t want to spend money on a gutter guard, you can make it yourself instead. You can potentially earn some serious cash by doing a DIY gutter guard Melbourne, and we’re going to teach you how.DIY Gutter Guard Melbourne


  • Here are the items that you’ll need:
  • Roll of Wire Mesh
  • Outdoor Pain (Optional)
  • Box of Screws and Nails
  • Washers



Cut the rolls of wire mesh and make sure they are wide enough to cover the top of your gutter system. Leave enough room for them to be screwed down in place.

(Optional) Consider using some outdoor pain spray on the mash to make sure they are 100% weatherproof and rust-resistant.


Now that you have your mesh ready, it’s time to attach it to the top of your gutters. Start to climb up to the edge of your roof where your gutter lies. Start by sliding one side of your mesh under the shingle and on top of the roof. The mesh will serve as the gutter guard. If you’re unable to slide the mesh, you can choose to attach them there using nails and washers.


Once you’ve attached the mesh under your shingle, the next thing you need to do is attach the mesh to the top or side of the gutter using a drill and screwdrivers. Make sure you be careful when using a power drill. After you’ve inserted the screwdrivers, the mesh should be firmly attached to your gutters. It should also cover the entire top of your gutter.


(Optional) Since you’re already on the roof, you can also take the chance to clean your gutters while installing your gutter guard. That way, you can make sure that your gutters are completely clear from any unwanted debris, which can be hard to remove once you’ve installed your gutter guard.


So there you have it – a simple five-step to making your DIY gutter guard Adelaide. You will spend a little under $20 when for your DIY gutter guard, which is nothing compared to buying a gutter guard in the hardware store. For more DIY home improvement tips, make sure you sign up for our newsletter.