The Three Benefits of Bottle Recycling Adelaide & Better Waste Management

Plastic bottles have been a constant problem not only here in Australia but the entire world. In fact, according to some research, it is found that over 3 million plastic water bottles are thrown away every day, which adds to our waste problem exponentially. The reason is that when plastic bottles aren’t brought to the recycling factory, they’ll be tossed in landfills. This simple act may seem harmless, but it can impact our environment significantly. Don’t wait for the world to crumble right beneath you in despair. Act today by engaging in bottle recycling Adelaide and better waste management. In doing so, you can reduce plastic waste and achieve the following benefits:


Lesser Amount of Waste


As said earlier, plastic bottles that are not sent to the recycling centre will end up spending a year or even a decade in landfills. Due to the harsh conditions and the limited space in landfills here in the country, it will become impossible for plastic to biodegrade. Recycling plastic bottles can drastically lower the amount of waste that goes to landfills. Research states that for every ton of plastic that goes straight to the recycling centre, eight cubic yards of space around dumps is reduced.


Reduction in Greenhouse Gases


Plastic manufacturing factories not only create new plastic items, but they produce greenhouse gas as well. One of the emissions is carbon dioxide, which also contributes to the increase in greenhouse gases. That’s why bottle recycling Adelaide is crucial since it promotes lesser use of fossil fuels, thus reducing your carbon emissions.


Keep in mind that greenhouse gases contribute to the worsening of global warming and climate change. That’s why by cutting down your emissions, you can reduce the negative impacts of greenhouse gases and limit the effect of climate change. By recycling, every Aussie family can reduce its carbon emissions by 350 pounds. So instead of sending your plastic bottles to landfills, recycle them instead.


Bottle Recycling Adelaide Is Simple


Finally, a commonly overlooked benefit of recycling plastic bottles is the fact that it’s such an easy task to do. According to research, 80 to 85 per cent of Australians have direct access to plastic recycling programmes. These programmes include curbside pickups or drop-off sites. Even the educational system is making an impact on bottle recycling awareness. Multiple universities are educating their students and making it easier to recycle plastic bottles.



Bottle recycling may be a simple feat, but it can go a long way towards the improvement of the state of our environment. So, go ahead and recycle your plastic bottles today! Discover just how effective this movement is to the development of the entire society.