Home Staging Process – What to do

Selling a home in Melbourne is not an easy thing. The main reason is that the market is now crowdedwith manyproperty staging Melbourneproperties for sale and if you are selling a preoccupied home, you will have it rough when looking for a potential buyer. Although hiring a real estate agent will speed up the process, you also need to stage your home property. Research has it that property staging Melbourne lead to better offers, quicker sales and better returns for your money. The following is a simple guide to staging your home.

Work from the Exterior to Interior

To ensure that your home looks presentable, start by working on your landscape. Ensure that the trees and shrubs are well-pruned and trimmed. You can as well consider repairing your lawn to get that lush green look. Significant damage visible from the street need fixing and here is where getting a professional may make sense to fix things like broken gutters, cracks in the driveway, etc. The outside of your property is essentialsince it is the first thing prospective buyers will see when they come to view your home. A house with poor curb appeal can practically guarantee a 10% lower offer.

Clear the Clutter

If you are planning on staging the house yourself, be sure to remove anything that can clutter up the home as well as any personal items that may not provide an inviting look. A prospective buyer wants to buy their ‘new’ house, they will not want to purchase your ‘old’ home, and it may sound like rude, but it will make a big difference. Ensure that the kitchen and bathroom are spotless to give that spacious look and attract clients. Also, ensure there no family photos and old Christmas trees in the house.

Furnish the Spaces

The staging process is never complete without furnishing the spaces. You can use your furniture if it’s high in quality and if you are not using it currently. You can as well consider hiring furniture for home staging. There are many companies offering furniture rental for home staging,and so you can get exquisite furniture pieces for home staging. A professional staging company has plenty of furniture pieces and so by hiring them, you get the advantage of getting the best furniture for home staging.

Do You Want Professional Help

If you are a newbie when it comes to home staging, there is no need to do guesswork when there are professional property staging Melbournecompanies out there that can help you stage your home professionally and increase your chances of sealing the deal. All you need is to look for a reliable staging company that has many years of experience and a good track record and you are good to go.

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