Why You Should Invest in an AC Misting Unit

Are you tired of your ever-increasing utility bills? Well, you are like many other Australians. Unfortunately, you cannot do without these air conditioning bills as the weather is never conducive for human living. It is always either too cold or hot and in either case, you need an AC system to regulate the temperatures and keep you either cool or warm. If you have realised that cooling up your space is taking a huge chunk of your bills, then you can minimise your bills in a few ways. First, you should consider insulating your space. This way, no air gets in or out of your house which ensures first cooling and heating. If you see no significant difference, then consider AC Misting – smartmistaustralia.com.au. But why AC misters and how do they work?

How Does an A/C Mist System Work?

A pre-cooling AC mister is perhaps your best option to keep your energy bills low during summer. This is because of how these misters work. In summer, the cooling capacity of an AC system decreases by about 14 to 15 per cent and the power use increases dramatically by up to 30 per cent. Since the air outside is very hot during summer, the condenser takes more time cool the hot air. This is where an AC misting system comes into play.

A pre-cooling AC mister is specifically designed to mist the air around the AC system quickly. In other words, the mister cools the warm air outside the AC unit before it enters the unit. This ensures that the air getting into the condenser coil is already 20 – 30 degrees cooler. This puts little pressure on the compressor when cooling the air thereby reducing your cooling bills.

Here Is Why You Should Invest in an AC Mister

By installing an AC mister outside your AC unit, you will ensure that the air entering the condenser coil is cool which will, in turn, shorten the time it takes to cool your space. You will have it easy achieving the optimal temperature, and your AC system will not strain.

Research has it that 40-60 per cent of utility cost in many homes is from electrical appliances, such as air conditioning units. However, with an AC mister, you will achieve the ideal room temperature easily and within the shortest time. This means you need less energy to operate your AC system and this leads to power saving which will reflect in your bills.

As you can see, an AC mister will do you lots of good. If you are unsure where to buy or which brand to order from, consider AC Misting – smartmistaustralia.com.au. Here you will find the best AC misters at affordable prices. The experts here will ensure that you make the right choice upon listening to your needs. See their site for more information on air conditioning misters.

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